Happy 1 Year Austin!

1 Year in Austin

I did it. I’ve officially lived in Austin for 1 year.  My move from Houston was a courageous decision for me. I moved away from my cushion of comfort – family, friends, and the feeling of security that seemingly tucked me in at night – to the unknown. I realized the comfort I coveted was the one thing holding me back from growing into the woman I wanted to be.

Living in a new city forced me to learn new roads, meet new people, and establish my new place in the world. From late nights with Brazilian acoustic jam sessions, to tranquil hikes on the Greenbelt with loved ones, I learned to cherish the moments that make me smile, and more importantly, give thanks for them.

I’m grateful for my friendships, both old and new. The amazing Austinites I’ve met have welcomed me into their Austin families and framed my life here. I wouldn’t have made it through this year without you.

Lastly, I’ve learned to embrace the taco and I proudly admit I’ve enjoyed at least one taco every week I’ve lived here. But a broader lesson here is I learned to embrace my ATX surroundings, traditions, and life-loving lifestyle. Austin has a reputation for being “weird,” but I’ve come to realize is that Austin is really a city that embraces individuality unapologetically. And that’s exactly what I was searching for.

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