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Meet the Storyteller

Meet the Storyteller

With storytelling at the forefront, Sarah Pendley successfully promotes organizations in a thought-provoking, creative, and tactical manner. From crafting crisis communication plans to spearheading company rebrands, her talent lies in designing engaging campaigns that resonate with key stakeholders.

Her passion for startups and business truly flows through the content she creates and every project she supports. Among her achievements, she has secured media placement in The New York Times, Forbes, CNBC, Fortune, Rachael Ray Every Day, USA Today, WIRED, and BBC News.

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Industry Chameleon

From Tech to Fashion, Culinary to CPG, Sarah has navigated a variety of industries. Her Rolodex is mighty and so are her ideas. She brings a fresh outlook to every industry she works in, leveraging creative pitches and trending news cycles that most niche agencies fail to offer.

A Polymath's Approach to PR
Industry Chameleon

What are they saying?

“Working with Sarah, is like receiving a package with a bow. She makes sure everything is included to ensure a creative, targeted, strategic and measured public relations campaign that exceeded everyone’s expectations.” – Lydia Baehr, Founder of Lydia Baehr Public Relations

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